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My goal is to help you:

  • Heal from traumatic events

  • Learn new ways to cope with life's stresses

  • Engage in healthy relationships  

  • Replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones

Through therapy,  we want to guide you in developing skills, habits, and behaviors that will equip you to lead a joyful life with healthy relationships. Life is hard and you have what it takes to endure these hardships and thrive in the struggles. 

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I have 19 years of experience in education in Pre-k through 20 settings. I have a master's of education and educational specialist degree in education. I have worked as a literacy and math educator for students with learning differences, school counselor, high school college counselor, and college professor and advisor.  I am able to consult clients and families through navigating the education system and making decisions about academic pathways.

I have 5 years of experience as an Equity and Inclusion practitioner. I developed and implemented diversity plans that addressed:

Hiring practices: Identify any practices that could be discriminatory when vetting potential candidates of color. Identify ways to retain BIPOC employees. 

School admissions: Identify practices that can be discriminatory when considering students for admissions. Identify ways to retain BIPOC students.

Pedagogical Practices: Assist in developing or revising curriculum to include multicultural perspectives. Training teachers to use teaching strategies based on Paulo Friere's banking concept of education. Training faculty to use restorative justice practices in disciplining students. 

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Professional Speaking

With 20 years of professional speaking experience speaking to a variety of audiences included but not limited to educators, therapists, couples, individuals, churches, and others.  speak in conferences, training sessions in organizations, and any venue. The topics I address are broad covering education, therapy, spiritual, and beyond. 

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